Original Action Plan January 2012

This plan has been updated at least twice.  If you want a copy please contact filnorefriends@gmail.com

Scroll down to see the plan - it's a bit too wide for the top of the page

This Action Plan was the first to be completed by the Friends of Filnore Woods in 2012.  It has since been revised and superseded.  The latest full plan was completed in 2014, and an up-to-date summary for 2015 is also available on this website.

Two small amendments to the original plan:
para 4.4 contains a typo: the mysterious "pen days" mentioned are really "open days"
para 7.6.2. The proposal was amended to lay the hedge which runs alongside the allotments and not the one by the Jubilee Way.  This was actually started in February 2015.